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second ridiculous headcanon

Jensen loooooooves ‘Welcome to Night Vale’. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened since the last best thing (which happened to be catching Max and gaining a measure of safety, so you know he’s serious)

The catch? (with Jensen, there’s always a catch)

Jensen now has Cecil saying ‘<3 CARRRRLOOOS<3’ in that adorable way Cecil has as his text notification.

And it makes Cougar blush every time it goes off.

Every. Fucking. Time.

“Cougar, be gentle!”

I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry - 30 Day OTP Challenge


24. Making up afterwards

(this immediately follows #23, so if you haven’t read that this one might not make sense)

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23. Arguing

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“You have to get in character,” Jensen explained. “You have to live the role. You have to - no, this is serious, I’ve read up on this - you have to sell it. Everything you wear, everything you say, everything you do has to sell the part.” Cougar just watched him, unimpressed, so Jensen had to spell it out. “That hat isn’t gay,” he said. This Side of Paradise - Anonymous (via teapotsahoy)


I just love The Losers, okay?

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